MN.28.01.1999 Radio's Future

This programme revisited a recurring topic; what is the future of radio? In 1999 it was clearly going to be DAB as well as the web. In other words we thought it was going to hybrid back then. This edition of the programme looked at major changes rumoured at the BBC World Service as well as Radio France Internationale. Radio Netherlands Bonaire relay station has been having delay problems. Jim Cutler also has the dig-deeper jingle which always brings a smile.

I believe this is yet another example of how Radio Netherlands made maximum use of the resources sent in by its community of listeners. They were not letter writers, they were collaborators. The photo below shows the digital editors (Dalet) that we used to produce the programme on. 

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MN.31.12.1999 Radio New Zealand Profile

At the end of 1999 I made a trip to Australia and New Zealand. This programme includes an interview with Adrian Sainsbury, the technical frequency engineer at Radio New Zealand International. Feels like yesterday. The photo shows Adrian when I met him on that trip to Auckland.

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MN.25.02.1999 Budel Radio Museum

Despite the fact that ham radio is over 100 years old, this hobby was still very much alive in 1999. About 15,000 people in The Netherlands had a radio ham licence. The many aspects of this fascinating hobby are highlighted in this museum, which now even has a DIY corner for the youngest soon-to-be amateur radio operators.


Diana Janssen and I were at the opening of this museum in Budel in February of 1999. As of February 2014 I'm pleased to report the museum is still there, open twice a month. 

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MN.22.04.1999. Radio Minurca

This news edition of the programme discussed your letters. We caught up on peace keeping radio, and the sale of Harry Helms shortwave website. In his farewell message, Harry predicted the demise of shortwave radio because they didn't understand the communications business. Of course, he was right. Fast and cheap web access is going each shortwave's lunch. We also had receiver news about Grundig. Grundig used to be a daughter organisation of Philips.

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MN.16.01.1997. Radio Ham Revisited

This edition ot the programme recalled the old and new versions of the Radio Ham sketch made famous by British comedian Tony Hancock. Later re-recorded by Paul Merton and released in 1997. We also reviewed a new program called EuroDx from Jan Nieuwenhuis. 

There's also the annual Media Quiz context with Jim Cutler. Don't try those numbers or email addresses today though. Lou Josephs has been looking at push content technology. Philips was putting a lot of money into Web TV. Love those descriptions of high-speed technology. 

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MN.12.08.1999 Birthday and the Congo

It was someone's birthday during this show in 1999. Can't recall who. I do remember the feature on broadcasting in Congo from the late Richard Ginbey. I don't believe anyone had such a more complete collection of off-air recordings. 

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MN.11.02.1999. Remembering JYI Jordan
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MN.09.03.2000. Thailand Radio Profile

This programme includes a contribution from Richard Jackson who was working in Bangkok at the time and updated us on what the radio scene sounded like at the start of the new Millennium. Thai radio was always difficult to hear in Europe. Now, many of the stations are available on the web. Like Radio Thailand's English Service. The website in 2014 looks like they haven't redesigned the site since we made this programme. The photo in the blog is of the BBC shortwave relay station a few years back when it want under water due to flooding.

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MN.07.01.1999 Portishead Radio Closes

I remember driving to Radio Kootwijk for the final farewell of Scheveningen Radio on shortwave. It was ironic because the satellite video link broke down during the ceremony. This was the first show in 1999.

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In 1999, there was a lot of interest in listening to satellite transmissions and trying to overhear analogue links that probably were not meant for public consumption. In this edition of Media Network we talked to Dr Dish, a German satellite specialist who gave several insights in what could be done in those days.

This is another episode on the Media Network radio series that ran from 1980-2000 and is scheduled to resume transmission shortly.  

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Very much an "island" edition of Media Network. A station in Anguilla was testing and we talked to Barry Ferber, and Australian radio consultant who went in to Radio Fiji to shake things up. There's another chance to hear Jim Cutler's impossible radio contest. Martin Roos opens Talk Radio on 1395 kHz from Holland. VOA Europe now becomes VOA Express.  

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