MN.25.04.1996.ICFSW40 and Yacht Boy 360

This was Media Network edition 749. And this time we review the Sony ICFSW40 and the Grundig Yacht Boy 360. We looked at the subject of diversity in the Dutch media. Arthur Cushen has the Pacific media news and Mike Bird has the propagation outlook. 

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MN.14.11.1991.Changes in Czechoslovakia

The photo shows the BBC Czech service which I visited on one of my many trips to Prague long after this edition of Media Network was made. This was almost two years after the Velvet revoltion and changes were afoot at Radio Prague as well as the Czech radio domestic service. We also talk to Bob Horvitz, formerly of ANARC, now resident in Prague. 

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MN.07.11.1992 Cambodia & WRMI

A Media Network news edition from early November 1992 when we called up Radio Australia to find out why they were launching a service targeting listeners in Cambodia. Nick Meanwell has news about how All India Radio plans to use shortwave to serve audiences in Asia. Radio Miami International WRMI starts testing. Radio Netherlands is hiring 17 frequency hours a day via Russian transmitters as part of an expansion. David Ward in Norwich thinks that something should replace the International Listening Guide which has disappeared. We also hear the challenges facing visually handicapped shortwave listeners. Philips has designed a set of low-energy Christmas lights for the Lopik transmitter site. Radio France Internationale is expanding with a 6% increase in its budget. RFI is also adding Cambodian language broadcasts.

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MN.05.11.1999 IFJ

This Media Network from November 1999 includes a fascinating interview with Aidan White (pictured) who at that time worked for the Brussels based International Federation of Journalists. He discusses what goes wrong when governments control the radio waves, especially in politically instable regions like the Balkans.

We also hear more Memories of the Millennium, recollections of listening in the 20th century sent in by Media Network listeners. We learn about the discussion that the BBC should cover adverts. Henry Stokes, writes from Green Bay and notes that films no longer have radio in their theme. He notes that the recent film "Jakob the Liar" staring Robin Williams. In Nazi occupied Poland, poor Jewish café owner Jakob (Robin Williams) overhears a forbidden radio news bulletin signaling Soviet military victories against German forces. To raise the spirits of those in the ghetto, Jakob relays fictitious news bulletins. 

We also hear about the how the impact radio made on a shortwave listener in China.  

Andy Sennitt discovers a radio with built-in CD player and one that claims to be Super-Hydrodyne. We also report on the first DRM tests from the Bonaire relay station. 

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Media Network Flashback: 02.02.1989. Border Radio

This early edition of Media Network included the story of how a TV show in the Netherlands blocked the phone lines when it asked for viewer response, we review the book Border Radio about the high power stations from across the US-Mexican border and (the late) David Monson previews the Antwerp EDXC Convention which he organised in Belgium. Actually, that was one of the most interesting European DX Council meetings I ever went to. David was incredibly chaotic, creative and an acomplished musician. He worked for several years hosting the programme Brussels Calling on BRT (not VRT) in Belgium. He should have had a producer! Thanks to Jinterwas for the photo os Antwerp Zoo. Check out more on Flickr.

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