MN.02.09.1999. DAB in the home for 800 quid

Yes those early home DAB receivers were kinda expensive. Interesting to hear the thinking behind digital radio as captured 11 years ago. There's a great, spooky recollection in the Memory of the Millennium about listening on an old Hallicrafters' receiver. Q-Radio struggles on 1224 kHz and we asked whether the Euro will encourage more co-ooperation between European international broadcasters. The photo is more recent. I think Radio 538 comes up with some of the most original campaigns (this one on disused gas towers in Amsterdam) and is doing a lot with developing digital radio's hybrid future.

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Media Network 10.01.1991 - Radio Moscow World Service is born

Twenty years ago the Media News was centred around changes at Radio Moscow. With no way of doing a direct interview, we called Richard Measham at BBC Monitoring. And there were interesting comments from Vasily Strelnikov on his show.

BBC had also found a new clandestine station, the Voice of Free Iraq.

Radio Tirana, Albania suddenly announced what they were planning next - a sign that there were humans there after all. Richard Ginbey also had media news from Southern Africa, including items about Namibia going onto shortwave. Rudy van Dalen had a question about the Lincolnshire Poacher, a numbers stations believed to be operated by the British from Cyprus. 

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Media Network revival needed?

Quora: Is it time to revive a show like Media Network broadcast 1980-2000 on Radio Netherlands? I put this question out on Quora to see what people think. Interested in your comments too. I find the discussions there are stronger than on this site which most people are simply using to download. ... Answer:

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MN.15.10.1998 - Radio Voyager is the news from America

This programme includes a report from the late Bob Tomalksi about digital television and how bandwidth is being squeezed to cram more channels into a satellite transponder. Bob explained that DAB radios were finally starting to take off. But the BBC had lost its way in marketing the medium. 

Wireless Internet starts to pop up in Japan. But we were evidently confused about how it worked.

Andy Sennitt recalls Radio Pamela and Your Radio of the Sea, both in Eastern England. As from Monday October 19th, Radio Voyager is to be launch to replace the now defunct VOA Europe. It's a commercial venture run by 4 full-time staff in Washington DC.



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MN.16.07.1998. RFE, the CIA and Russian Media Mafia

This programme is typical of a listener supported edition. We talk to Linden Clark of Radio New Zealand International about budget reductions.  Derrick Lynch reported hearing Sri Lanka Clandestine produced in Canada Alan Weiner of Radio New York International fame gets a licence to build a SW transmitter in Maine to beam to Canada. RNW pages have been framed. Brian Clark reports on the Chatham Islands. Andy Sennitt says that FEBA is planning simplified English Bible lessons using no more than 1500 words. We also looked at the CIA public relations campaigns to publicise Radio Free Europe at the start of the sixties. RFE was "the in sound from outside". 

By the way, the photo in this  is actually of the new HQ of Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty a little further out from the centre of Prague than it was when this edition of Media Network was made. 

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MN.03.12.1998 - Karl Rossiter on the future of Media (1998)

This edition includes a mean Christmas contest promo, Media News from Victor Goonetilleke and we talk to special guest Karl Rossiter, on the future of digital television and radio. At that time, the economic downtown in Asia had actually stimulated the broadcasting business to tighten its belt and look for alternative technologies. Karl predicted that costs could be cut to 1/5th if IP protocols were adopted. TV New Zealand was running a couple of networks on servers as early at 1998. Note Karl's use of the word Hybrid, because that word seems to be very much in vogue again now, 12 and a bit years later. Actually, I would argue that digital radio has been rather slow to see the advantages of a hybrid approach - using broadcast for mass distribution and IP technology to narrowcast things like profile driven commercials or specialist programming. Karl was spot on - and I see he is still in the business (at least according to Linked-In). Towards the end of the programme Mike Bird gets an intro from Jim Cutler like never before (and never since). 


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MN.16.09.1999 - Jerry Berg & Internet Radio Arrives via the Sonicbox

We came across a fascinating a promo for  "Books from America" broadcast in the US in the 1960's. They were trying to collect books in English to counteract the cut-price propaganda distributed by the "Chinese and Russian communists". We talk to Jerry Berg who had just started a new website called On The Shortwaves, which I am pleased to note is still there and regularly updated. We also talk to the founder of SonicBox - an early form of wifi radio - before wifi had been invented. Professor John Campbell also explains about a low-Power radio station hoax in 1977 which was supposed to have been located on Ocean Island. Radio Guano was in fact closer than they thought. 

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