MN.14.02.1985 Flevolandtests

In the weekend on February 1985, we misued the new Flevoland shortwave transmitter site by connecting ham radio gear to the giant Shortwave antennas outside the building in Zeewolde. This year, 2013, the same thing is happening on 26/27th January. But this time the shortwave broacast transmitters are no longer active. The site belongs now to the Netherlands Ministry of Defence. The ham station we ran in 1985 had the callsign PA6FLD.

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MN.17.11.1993.Fiji and WRMI

This programme features the start of WRMI from Miami Florida, a commercial station aimed at Cuba and run by entrepreneur Jeff White. We also profile broadcasting in Fiji in the Pacific.

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MN.15.03.1990. Incremental Radio - What would life be without it?

A news edition of the Media Network programme. This programme kicks off with a super-fast Morse test. The Goddess of Democracy ship leaves France for the coast of China and Lithuania proclaims its regained independence. Ironically, the broadcast came via transmitters in Russia.  Richard Ginbey sends in news about Radio Namibia where he was working. 2MInternational launches, as the first private TV channel in North Africa. Thieves break into HCJB's transmitter site in Pifo and steal equipment. Venzuealan National Radio plans programmes in other languages. Radio Nacional de Venezuela also has plans for expansion. Julian Clover (now editor of Broadband TV News) compiled an item on Incremental Radio. Radio Romania International is the new name for Radio Bucharest. New programmes are being broadcast from Southern Iran beamed into South Asia. Big ionospheric storms hit shortwave reception.

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MN.25.06.1992. Strange Religion from Tokyo and AWR Europe

We had no idea that the people behind the station we reported on in this programme would later be responsible for a Sarin gas attack in Tokyo. But that was three years later. Spanish Foreign Radio is working on a relay station in Costa Rica. Radio Miami has done a deal with a station in Honduras. The Megaphone Newsreel marches across the continent. Radio Vilnius is worried about its relay in Moldova. Baltic Radio International is going to make money, so Paul Rusling claims. AWR Europe's World DX News signs off. Radio Norway plans special transmissions for Burma. Radio St Helena may return to the airwaves. Paul Ballster has found a new station in Wimbeldon. Radio Free Asia cancels a visit to Beijing.

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This programme included a visit to the radio station across the Central Station in Amsterdam. It was the idea of Ronald Jan Heijn, the former international hockey player who decided to become a spritual entrepreneur. Son of Gerrit Jan Heijn, he set up a centre called Oibibio. By the time we visited, they were on the verge of financial collapse. The programme also looks at a financial crisis within the BBC Internet department, which has overspent its 1998 budget already.

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MN.07.01.1993. Radio Czechoslovakia splits

Radio Prague returns as the country of Czechoslovakia ceases to exist. Jim Cutler goes mad about our phone number. Radio Sweden changes its output. Changes are afoot at Radio Luxembourg, with the ending of English broadcasts. Wolfgang Schultz reports from Hamburg. Radio Monique is revived on Euronet via SkySports. Euronews is launched from Lyon. Dutch public broadcasters scorn the channel. We remember LM Radio out of Mozambique. Victor Goonetilleke remembers hearing it. Moldova is testing, as so is Radio Australia.

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MN.17.09.1992. US international broadcasting

Found a whole batch of programmes that are just over 20 years old, from an era when international broadcasting was grappeling with the arrival of satellite television, but had not heard of the Internet. In January 2013, the structure and functioning of US International Broadcasting in again under discussion...just like back in 1992 when Radio Free Asia was first suggested. No progress for decades it would seem. The budget for the radio broadcasts into China were similar then to the budget for Russia Today today. Radio Netherlands was expanding its output. Italy approves 500 local FM stations. We look at slow changes in the media in South Africa, despite the change of government. Radio RSA is no more - changing its name to Channel Africa. The ICF-SW33 is coming from Sony. Marcel Rommerts reports on the new High Adventure Ministry's station on Palau during his trip to Asia. 

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Happy New Year 2013

Thanks so much for making 2012 a great year for radio nostalgia, especially at such a momentous time for international broadcasting. There are still interesting items left in the archives, and we will start to add new material recorded since the demise of Media Network and the Radio Netherlands as we knew it. Keep it locked in to this channel.

Jonathan Marks

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