MN.11.01.1996: Review Sony ICF1000T

The review of the Sony ICF1000T is still on line though not at Radio Netherlands. In this edition of the programme you can hear us review it on air. I suppose now it seems silly to review equipment over the radio to the level of detail we did back in 1996. But there was no Internet to speak of and most of the audience didn't have access to independent consumer reviews. We spent a lot of time and effort compiling receiver guides and reviewing publications, but it I think it was worth it.

The programme also includes updates on what the BBC was doing to restore services after a hurricane hit Antigua, home of one of the shortwave relay stations (since closed down). And there's a celebration of Arthur Cushen's 30 years of service to the media shows on Radio Netherlands.

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MN.18.01.1996. Central Asia Report

A news show with contributions from Andy Sennitt, Victor Goonetilleke, and Arthur Cushen reports hearing Radio Alma Ata from Kazakstan. We interview an old friend of the programme who we last spoke to when he was in the Solomon Islands. Martin Hadlow is now in Central Asia for UNESCO. It is interesting that the radio and TV stations in the area have changed little in the last 15 years since this programme was made, although they seem to be on the verge of making heavy investments in digital television. The TV stations were using consumer video formats of Sony's Hi-8 and Panasonic's SuperVHS. Radio was suffering back then. There's a second chance to enter the Media Network Car Route to visit 12 international stations.

There were also major refurbishment to Radio Netherlands entrance hall! I remember that well - an early attempt to explain the mission to the general public. I think it worked rather well - but then I was involved in pushing for the change to building. The inside of RN was deliberately austere, because the idea was that all the walls were grey or dark green. The people would bring the colour into the building it was thought, at least by the architects at the end of the 1950's.  

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MN.08.02.1996.CBC Overnight

In a regular edition of the programme, we hear about the start of the CBC Overnight service in Canada which relayed various international broadcasters while CBC programmes were off the air. 

The KNVB decides to launch Sport 7. It would cost an extra 12 Euro a year on a cable subscription. Lou Josephs looks at the Telecommunications Reform Bill which removed restrictions on ownership. One company spent a billion dollars acquiring 52 radio stations.

DW ceases from facilities in Malta. Radio Mediterranean also leaves the airwaves, a joint Maltese-Libyan operation. We had 500 pages on the WWW ! All those http's. Arthur Cushen reports Radio North Solomans has been reactivated.

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MN.04.01.1996 - All by myself Diana Janssen

By the time 1996 started, Diana Janssen (see photo) was firmly established as the co-host of Media Network. Had enormous fun putting the show together each Wednesday evening. This was one of the few editions where Jonathan didn't present. But the programme was in capable hands. Smart Lady.

This edition covers modifications to the Baygen clockwork radio in a interview with Trevor Baylis. There is also the first airing of Media Race 1996. Radio Vilnius hires a radio transmitter in Juelich, Germany. HCJB and Radio Norway announce expansion and VOA tests its new site in Sao Tome.

America 1 signed a joint venture agreement to distribute public radio across Europe - remember this is well before Internet audio is good quality was available to the public.

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MN.05.12.1994 - TWR Albania and Seek You

A pre-Christmas show in which the news of the week was the appearance of religious station TWR from Albania (the old 1 MW transmitter of Radio Tirana) on 1395 kHz. This caused problems to Veronica News Radio on the same frequency. Interesting to hear the old budgets stations had in those days for news production. Radio 1 had 50 million dollars for the network. Veronica was trying to run a news service with no less than 60 journalists. I believe that Business News Radio in the Netherlands currently runs the distant successor to Veronica News Radio with a staff of 36. Adam Curry, now co-host of No Agenda. Talk Radio announced plans for the old BBC Radio One mediumwave network. Transmissions will start in early 1995. 

There's news about "strawberry radio" in Bosnia, the nickname for Radio Nederland. Rick Lansig has a go at Mike Bird on his propagation.  The call of the Fish Eagle used to be the only voice out of Zambia. Now Christian Voice has added a 100 kW transmitter on 6065 kHz.

Andrew Huddleston a British born singer living in Denmark has released a record called Seek You. We also heard about Radio Free Somalia operated by Sam Voron. Arthur Cushen recalls the frequencies.

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Revenge of the Tide - 1953 remembered

This was a documentary I made in 1993 looking back at the floods in the Netherlands in the winter of 1953 and what had happened since. It contains many broadcast extracts from broadcasters that used the station's facilities to broadcast to the US. UK listeners may recognise the voice of Brian Matthew, who worked for Radio Netherlands in the 1950's and then went on to a career at BBC Radio 2. The documentary won a prize at an Asian Broadcasting Union meeting a year later. Bearing in mind the floods that affected New York and New Jersey in late October 2012, I am beginning to wonder whether we have learned all the lessons from these tradgedies. Yes, we have understood how to build barriers. But we don't know how to communicate disaster preparedness. Wrote this blog post with more information.

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MN.05.10.1995.US MediumWave

A Media Network news edition edition from early October 1995 in which we were concerned with the extension of the mediumwave band in the US. Chris Greenway from BBC M looks at news out of Yugoslavia, including a swap with China Radio International. We also lift the lid on DVB and find out how Victor Goonetilleke got into shortwave listening. The photo shown is the mediumwave mast on the Flevopolder used for 747 and 1008 kHz. In those days both the signals were from the public broadcasters in the Netherlands.

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This edition is tinged with sadness because the DXer featured in the programme, Bernt Erfjord, passed away in June 2004. The photo is from happier times at NRK Sørlandet, the regional station belonging to the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation. In this programme Bernt explains about the student station in Trondheim.

He also reported many times to the Media Network programme on events in the Baltic states which he could hear from this vantage point in Norway. Great guy, still missed.

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