Media Network Number Stations Mystery 1990 In the course of its life as a radio show, Media Network covered the mystery of the numbers stations in between the broadcast bands on several occasions. The first time we devoted most of the programme to the strange voices shouting numbers was on August 2nd 1990. So turn back the clock 20 years and find out what was intriguing international radio listeners before the Internet had any form of mass appeal.
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Media Network Kuwait Crisis Jan 1991 Media Network was one of the first international programmes of its kind to encourage and get collaboration from the audience. Listeners were encouraged to do their own detective work and report on their results, usually with audio clips of what they had heard. In a time when a call from Australia to Holland cost around 2 Euros a minute, this was no mean feat. As well as doing mini documentaries, Media Network also became a news magazine show about communications and international broadcasting. In this edition, broadcast on January 27th 1991, the focus is on the crisis in the Middle East. For me it seems hard to believe it was more than 19 years ago.
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MN.10.12.1982. Broadcasting in Both Koreas

First broadcast on the 10th of December 1982, this Media Network programme looks at the broadcasts from North & South Korea aimed at each other and to other parts of the world. Professor John Campbell, then head of the computer science department at UC London, had a regular column on the programme, following on from his articles on clandestine radio in the World Radio TV Handbook and Passport to World Band Radio. Check out the wikipedia entry about this place. The programme concludes with a contribution from the late Richard Ginbey, who regularly shared a unique collection of off-air recordings from his base just outside Johannesburg.

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Media Network -Search for Tokyo Rose Media Network Wartime special. Looks at Lord Haw Haw, Liberty from Argentina during Falklands War, Voice of Vietnam's Hanoi Hannah. The rest of the programme then focuses on Tokyo Rose, with an in depth interview with author Russell Warren Howe who has been one of several people to dig deep into the background of Iva Toguri D'Aquino, who broadcast as "Orphan Ann" during the 15-20 minute DJ segment on Radio Tokyo's The Zero Hour program. For more information, check out the wikpedia entry: This programme was first broadcast on 14th June 1990.
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Media Network Wartime Deception Part 2 - Soldatensender Calais

Part Two of this documentary about black clandestine propaganda from the UK towards Nazi occupied Europe. The late Harold Robin explains why Canadian soldiers dug a hole in one of hills near Crowborough, Sussex and how the high power mediumwave transmitter sent from the US was buried underground. George Jacobs explains the mysterious Glenn Miller Jazz programmes made for German soldiers. Aspidistra, as the transmitter was called, could change frequency quite quickly and did more than broadcast fake German forces radio programmes.

After the war, the transmitter was handed over to the BBC and later sent to Orfordness, Suffolk. Bits of the original transmitter survive in the transmission hall of that site. The original transmitter site in Sussex is now a police training ground. The photo shows the transmitter shortly after installation. The bunker was designed by an architect who built cinemas before the war.

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Media Network : Inspiring Finnish DXpedition 1996 Take your mind back to January 30th 1996. Audio on the web sounds like early wax cylinders. Mobile phones are catching on. Jonathan Marks recounts an expedition to Lemmenjoki, near Ivalo in Northern Finland, well above the Arctic Circle. The reason to head up to the frozen North was to listen to mediumwave radio with friends of the Finnish DX Association and to understand the fascination of hearing stations from all parts of the globe. This was a time when distance still had magic, especially as you never knew what might fade in next. The temperature outside was -26 C. Inside the log cabin we were listening to Japan on mediumwave starting a new day. What's the fascination? You're able to hear the world talking to itself live. Even though the number of mediumwave stations has decreased in the world, the Dxpeditions still continue. Check out this link for news of a new location that opened in 2010. Tip of the hat to Daneen Vol for sharing the photo via Flickr. Must look for my negatives.
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Media Network Lithuanian Special: January 1991 A few nights before the Americans went into Kuwait in January 1991 to liberate it from the Iraqi's, Russian troops went into Vilnius, the capital of what is now the independent country of Lithuania. This is the story of that Russian invasion as recounted by Radio Vilnius, operating at the time from the recording studios of the blind foundation. Transmission date January 20th 1991.
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Media Network - RNI Libya

Flashback to a Media Network in 1991 which contained an interview which solved the mystery behind the broadcasts in 1977 from Tripoli Harbour, Libya which contained cryptic references to Radio Northsee International. The programme was originally aired on March 22nd 1991. Photo by Rainer Knebel

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