Media Network Vintage Vault 2016 - 2017
Re-live original Media Network shows as broadcast between 1980-2000. Curator & host Jonathan Marks shares the archive of insight into international broadcasting. Enjoy.
MN.25.05.1995 Clandestine Women & Antennas

This vintage edition of the programme contains news of a special amateur radio station PA6RNW to celebrate the Dutch transmission company Nozema, we follow-up on a call from Florida about the clandestine women on the radio, (Tokyo Rose, Hanoi Hannah, Liberty from Argentina). It seems people were suggesting we should re-issue Media Networks on CD (something which had to wait until this site 16 years later). The programme concludes with a feature on magnetic loop antennas with inventor Willem Bos. A difficult subject, but I thought, well explained. The photo is of the replica PHOHI/PCJ towers put up a couple of years ago in the town in which I currently live, a monument to shortwave's glorious past.

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