MN.26.10.2000. Last Media Network Show on the Radio

This was the final Media Network audio show of all, broadcast in October 2000 just before we went back to winter time. It was really a thank you to the audience for sharing so much time with us over 2 decades. We certainly had worked out the pace of the programme by that time - and I believe it's strength was that it was a true listener participation show. It wasn't live - it was alive. Don't worry, there are still more programmes in the Media Network collection. It just seemed appropriate to issue them now as Andy Sennitt is retiring from Radio Netherlands, and the Media Network weblog will close on March 24th 2012.

The final programme contains a rather comprehensive survey of the media events surrounding the Falklands Malvinas conflict of April 1982. Remember Radio Atlantico del Sur? We also looked at black propaganda stations in Asia, notably those along the Soviet-Chinese border.

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MN.19.10.2000. Penultimate Edition

I thought I'd post these two shows as a pair. This was the last but one Media Network which contained extracts from the WRUL/WNYW with Lou Josephs and the Prague story 1945/1968. We were celebrating the strength of the documentaries.

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MN.01.03.2000. The 1000th edition of Media Network

This was another milestone, at least for me, hosting the 1000th edition of Media Network at the start of March 2000. We used the programme to share some of the behind the scene stories and celebrate anecodotes with our contributors. Andy Sennitt, the retiring editor of the Media Network blog in 2012, explains how he got involved with the programme. And there are plenty of memories from the loyal audience too. Enjoy!

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DX Juke Box: Jonathan Marks' First Show

This was my first programme as a host and producer on Radio Netherlands. It is August 7th 1980. I had arrived a few days before from the UK and was on the air within 48 hours. You can hear that I'm already trying to reduce the amount of music, which is why the name of DX Juke Box morphed into Media Network. As the Media Network Blog ends its run on Radio Netherlands this month (March 2012), I decided to share a few milestones from this collection. Don't worry we'll still be digging in the archives even though Media Network is no more.

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MN.19.07.1990. Colombo International Radio

We start with news of changes in ownership in Soviet media. Victor Goonetilleke reports on a mysterious station calling itself Colombo International Radio. Radio Ulan Batar now on 22 metres, VOA announced that Radio Marti and Worldnet are to be merged. Albanian refugees in Italy demand loudspeakers to listen to VOA Albanian. BBC is planning to start a BBC World News. Tony Barratt reports hearing HCJB from Quito on SSB. A strange story from Vietnam about cable radio and TRT expands. Arthur Cushen has tuning tips including WWCR and Brazzaville. We called Algerian radio to find out more about the Voice of Palestine. Very quiet conditions on the sun, reports Mike Bird in Melbourne.

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MN.30.03.1988. Car Radio Converters and Austria

I owe a lot to Wolf Harranth (pictured), former DX editor at Radio Austria International and now the curator of the world's largest radio documentation centre in Vienna. I made a video with him just before they moved the centre. 

This show starts with a summary of news in brief including clandestine radio into Nicuragua, Over the Horizon Radar in the US. We then launched the Media Network SW Car Radio Investigation. Remember the Grundig converter? We then looked at the cancer scare risks near the Delano shortwave transmitter site owned by VOA. Wolf Harranth talks about plans for commercial radio in Austria.  He explains that many stations from across the border are audible. Richard Ginbey reports on developments in African Media including Angola, Botswana and Mozambique.

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MN.27.09.1990 Messages to Iraq, Receiver Review ICOM ICR-72 and BBC 648

The programme kicks off with a review by Jeff White of what a range of international broadcasters have been doing to reach their nationals in the Middle East following the invasion of Kuwait by Iraqi forces. Frans Vossen reports on changes expected to the French language network RTBF-4. Pete Myers and I review the ICOM-ICR72. The reviews were later hosted by the UK Mediumwave Circle when the Receiver Shopping List on Radio Netherlands site was discontinued. We wonder what South Shropshire communications is doing on 1512 kHz. BBC 648 changes it's name to BBC for Europe. Andrew Taussig explains that mediumwave is no longer the only way to get a signal across. He also argues why they do their coverage in three languages.

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MN.16.03.1989 Big Bang on the Sun, Satellite Experiments and Free Radio in Austria

The programme starts with an analysis of a major solar flare on the sun (like the one this week) with the late David Rosenthal (still miss him). We preview a special programme coming from Bonaire in the Netherlands Antilles. Remember the voice of Bruce Parsons. And a call from Rich in California triggers us to experiment with a Heil receiver connected to a satellite dish. We look at a clandestine station which pretended to be Radio Tehran so it broadcast extracts from the Satanic Verses. Wolf Harranth joins us with an explanation of how private radio is trying to get established in Austria. We learn about a summer school for radio in Bregenz, Austria. A snake switches off Radio Uganda and Andy Sennitt has been exploring harmonic signals. Remember VOA Europe? This programme recalls the lesser known VOA Pacific.

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Media Network Blog Goes Silent Soon
Media Network web editor Andy Sennitt announced late this afternoon that their international media news blog is closing down as of Saturday March 24th  2012. Andy is retiring. Radio Nederland Wereldomroep (Radio Netherlands Worldwide) is heading off in a very different direction in the future. So it makes sense to bow out knowing that a job has been well done. Several thousand people a week have relied on Andy’s sharp eye in spotting international media developments and their implications for those who work in the business of international story-telling. I understand the plan is to keep it online as a reference, since it’s a searchable record of media stories over the last decade that has more than academic value. That’s good news.
I hope you’ll join me in thanking Andy for great time and effort he put into editing the on-line version of Media Network. There are over 15,000 stories on the blog going back to October 2003 and he’s continued the tradition of international media reporting in fine style. That can only come from someone who is fascinated by the medium – it’s not a job – it’s a passion. As you can hear in our Media Network vintage radio archive, Andy was a regular contributor from the very start of the programme in 1981. I particularly remember that show we did about the offshore radio days. Andy has spent his career following the media, especially radio. He worked for BBC Monitoring in Caversham Park, UK as well as becoming Editor of the World Radio TV Handbook in Denmark. He moved the HQ of the WRTH to Amsterdam and Diana Janssen recruited him to work on a web-version of the radio programme.   
It’s not going to be possible to replace the Media Network news blog. But I will increase the frequency and focus of this Critical Distance blog to include more international media stories. I have been playing around with the Storyful platform, which allows you to mix video and audio clips to add to the traditional text and photos. So if you’re interested to follow what we get up to, visit the blog (if you're not already there), subscribe and contribute to the next stage of the journey. We’re also on Facebook.  I hope we can persuade Andy to drop by from time to time. But for now, Andy we salute you. Big time!

Andy isn't on Facebook (and only by accident on Twitter). So if you want to contact him with wishes and memories of his time at the wheel, the address is
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MN.17.09.1986. Shortwave Caroline, KYOI & Filters

More time travel into the past, to a time when shortwave broadcasting was expanding.

This programme starts with the news of a major solar disruption on the sun (like the one we're experiencing as this is being uploaded). We then catch up on two US shortwave stations KVOH and KYOI, we called Vincent Monsey in New York to find out why Radio Caroline is being heard on shortwave. There's a flashback to the West German pirate station Radio Valentine. We talked to Dick Robinson who at that time was the boss at Electronic Equipment Bank in Virginia. He talks about modifications to filters and the specialized world of the high end of shortwave receivers like the ICOM ICR-71.

Paul Ballister phones in with news about Radio Essex. Andy Sennitt has more news about NDXE. Radio Earth hires time from Radio Milano International.  HRRI in Honduras is on the air. If you're interested in propagation maps, check out this new site from NASA. 

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