MN.04.05.1995.750th Edition

Media Network was famous for doing documentaries about broadcasting during the second world war and using recordings you don't normally hear in UK documentaries. To celebrate 750 editions of Media Network in May 1995, we took a look back at the station that predated Radio Netherlands, Radio Herrijzend Nederland. The station became RNW in 1947, with studios in the Bothalaan in Hilversum (see photo).

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MN.26.10.1995 Path to Persia. From Tehran

I got a chance to visit Tehran, Iran as part of a delegation to the Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union meeting taking place there in October 1995. It remains one of the most amazing trips of my life. Nothing could prepare me for the visit as a CIP - a commercially important person. The programme includes off air recordings I made in the hotel of what IRIB sounded like in those days on FM. The language lessons were decidedly different. In those days listening to foreign stations was discouraged - there was a giant poster to that effect at the airport. But looking out on the rooftops outside my hotel there was nothing but a forest of dishes.

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Towards 2000 - Clockwork Wireless & Victor Goonetilleke

Remember Trevor Baylis and the wind-up radio? I organised a conference for Radio Netherlands at the International Broadcasting Convention IBC between September 11-14th 1995. We decided to celebrate the fact that we were 5 years away from a new Millennium by looking at the technologies that would carry us forward. That included a look at different codings for DAB, a reality check on radio by Sri Lankan broadcaster Victor Goonetilleke and a special performance about the Clockwork Radio from Trevor Baylis, the British inventor who turned up in Amsterdam and charmed the audience with his frank, funny and brilliant introduction to the concept of wind-up radios. A few weeks after the conference we produced a special CD for those who took part. This is a copy for those who missed it. It's double the length of a normal Media Network, just over an hour.

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MN.11.09.1995. Turkish Police Radio and Zenith SW Radios

Andy Sennitt has some media news updates from the WRTH, the Lowe HF-250 has started to appear in the UK and here in The Netherlands this past week. Kevin Whitehead is the general manager of Lowe Production in Matlock Derbyshire England. Jonathan Marks had a preview of the radio before we do our own test on it to find out more about the philosophy behind the new set and, to the point, what it is made of.

There’s a feature on the rather curious Turkish Police Radio and we review an excellent book about Zenith Shortwave Radios produced by the Radio Professors of P.O. Box 592, Stillwater, Oklahoma, 74076, USA. The ISBN number is: 0-88740-708-0. The authors were John H. Bryant and Harold N. Cones and the title of the book is “The Zenith Trans-Oceanic, the Royalty of Radios” It was published by Schiffer Publishing in 1995. Photo is one I took in Istanbul back in 2004. 

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The Hitch-Hikers Guide to DXing Episode Six - Monitoring the Situation

So here it is then, the sixth and final installment of the HitchHikers Guide to DXing, broadcast a full year after the last episode. The references to a monitoring service not unlike one in Caversham in the early 1980's are purely coincidental.

Just a note to say that the popularity of this 30 year old radio parody has been more than I could have expected. I had more than 5500 recorded downloads in the course of July.

Thanks for the feedback on the material so far. I an very curious to know which epiosde you enjoyed most. It was blast then, and it's a blast now.

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