Radio Netherlands Last Minute Interviews 20-21 UTC June 29th 2012

More photos of Friday's closedown are here on my Flickr account: 

Dropped by Radio Netherlands building for the last few minutes of their broadcasts in English. Did an interview with Jonathan Groubert, host of the State We're In, as he prepared a few words to add to the final broadcast towards Africa. Then went downstairs to an almost empty newsroom where Rob Kievit, producer of the last day, was making a few last minute preparations.

Then, we all joined Jonathan Groubert in Studio Booth Number 4 where English programmes (including news bulletins) have originated for decades. After Dheera's last words, Jonathan added one final thank you. I left a small audio recorder running to capture the moment for the history books. And so a bottle of champagne was opened, knocked back rather hurriedly, and then we all headed for the last train home. So ends an era. This recording captures the moments....before, during and after the final signoff.

I added a stereo copy of the Radio Netherlands interval signal, played on the carillion in Breda. I was actually present in the bell tower during the summer of 1985. It was one of the first all digital recordings we ever made. It replaced a worn out recording of the same tune which had been made in the 1950's at the cathedral in s'Hertogenbosch. The tape had stretched after being copied so many times. 

Thanks to Kai Ludwig in Germany for sending me a better copy of Jonathan Groubert's last words captured from the satellite. I've mixed them in. 

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Radio Netherlands Farewell Broadcast June 29th 2012

Just got back from watching the very last hour of broadcasting in English from Radio Netherlands Worldwide, Holland's external broadcasting service which signed off today on shortwave, satellite, in fact the radio station is no more. Holland has no external broadcasting service as from July 1st 2012. Dheera Sujan presented this final show, which was a farewell and thank you to listeners worldwide. 

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MN.17.12.1981 Longwave Returns & Poland

We kicked off the show with news from Dennis Powell in New York about Radio Marti. We fantasize about Radio Delta, a scheme to start a joint MW/LW project with Belgium and Netherlands. The late Bert Steinkamp explains the plans. Radio Polonia has gone off the air after the declaration of martial law in Poland a few days ago. Warsaw 1 on longwave is the only way of hearing what is going on. African Media News - Richard Ginbey has a profile of media in Bophutatwana. In receiver news there is follow-up to our test of the Panasonic RF-3100. Dan Robinson has North American tuning observations from Washington DC. 

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MN.15.08.1991.ORF QSLs and EWTN

This was an example of a listener driven show. We start with changes to Radio Netherlands, Pete Myers talks about Hidden Holland - Emporer's and Engineers. Listener complaint about elitist digital radios! We're printing special QSL cards for a special test transmission 9860 kHz. Satellite news from Paul Balster. Quality Europe FM starts satellite transmissions. Hallmark isn't a new brand though. Sunrise Radio is back on Astra. Holland FM is also active. Eclipse FM is to operate from Jersey! Arthur Cushen has news from New Zealand, including Japanese from RNZI. RNW sends out 15000 QSLs a year. Wolf Harranth explains what the ORF Radio Austria International are doing to keep an archive. Jim Cutler does a promo for Booklist edition 13. Plans have been announced for a large SW station on behalf of the Eternal Word Television Network. Lou Josephs has a transatlantic tip for us and news about 530 kHz in the Caribbean. Gordon Darling phones in from Papua New Guinea. WWV Time announcements have changed.

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Radio Tirana 1990 in Studio Quality

Just before the influence of Enver Hoxha collapsed in Albania, the external service Radio Tirana was one of the largest broadcasters in Europe, with a massive megaWatt transmitter operating on 1395 kHz. My colleague, Wolf Harranth of ORF Vienna, wrote to them and managed to get hold of a studio tape of part of one of the last English broadcasts under the old guard. The Albanian English language announcers had never been abroad. They were apparently trained by an Australian Marxist, which explains their strange Australian accent. This 5 minute tape consists of the opening, a very funny Lets Learn Albanian lesson (what were they thinkiing?) and the grand sign-off. Haven't heard this for years. Anyone else remember this stuff? Makes a change from Glee.

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DX Juke Box Brussels Special October 1980

Before Media Network, there was a show on Radio Netherlands (or Radio Nederland as it was called) entitled DX Juke Box. For the period August 1980 until May 1981, Jonathan changed the format of DX Juke Box bit by bitso that it morphed from purely a hobby show into a programme that answered the why of broadcasting rather than just the where and when. In October 1980 we took the show to Brussels for a few days to examine the pirate scene in the Belgian capital. Paul Renard was the DX editor for the RTBF and he introduced us to the pirate stations operating from apartments in the heart of Brussels. By today's standards this programme is rather corny, but it shows how we were trying to push the envelope from very "scripted" shows into something that came from a location. Remember this is 31 years ago!!. Enjoy 

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