MN.05.12.1994 - TWR Albania and Seek You

A pre-Christmas show in which the news of the week was the appearance of religious station TWR from Albania (the old 1 MW transmitter of Radio Tirana) on 1395 kHz. This caused problems to Veronica News Radio on the same frequency. Interesting to hear the old budgets stations had in those days for news production. Radio 1 had 50 million dollars for the network. Veronica was trying to run a news service with no less than 60 journalists. I believe that Business News Radio in the Netherlands currently runs the distant successor to Veronica News Radio with a staff of 36. Adam Curry, now co-host of No Agenda. Talk Radio announced plans for the old BBC Radio One mediumwave network. Transmissions will start in early 1995. 

There's news about "strawberry radio" in Bosnia, the nickname for Radio Nederland. Rick Lansig has a go at Mike Bird on his propagation.  The call of the Fish Eagle used to be the only voice out of Zambia. Now Christian Voice has added a 100 kW transmitter on 6065 kHz.

Andrew Huddleston a British born singer living in Denmark has released a record called Seek You. We also heard about Radio Free Somalia operated by Sam Voron. Arthur Cushen recalls the frequencies.

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